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About The Tower:
Tower of Pisa is such an awesome sample of stone art.Tower of Pisa situated in cathedral of Pisa, Italy.This one of the oldest monuments of Pisa. It is Third oldest monument with Cathedral and the Baptistry.

The Tower is worldwide popular owing to its leaning property. It started leaning from beginning of construction. Tower of Pisa made up of gray-and-white striped marble. Construction includes of bearing masonry, cut stone and white marble.

The Tower of Pisa made up of Marble, Limestone and Quartz. Marble and quartz is a type of metamorphic rock and limestone is sedimentary rock.

Tower of Pisa is one of the world most attractive places for tourist. Earlier its inside staircase were not opened for public. But now it is restart for all. Tower of Pisa is made up of white color marble having black lining pattern and it has very attractive wall pattern.



The tower is mainly made up of white marble. Horizontal rows pattern of black and white marble are used for decorative look. Tower of Pisa has eight stories, including the chamber for the bells. The construction of Pisa Tower started in 1173 A.D and was completed 1399 A.D (14 century). The tower’s height is 56.67 meter on the high side and 55.86 meter on the low side. Weight of Tower is around 14,700 metric tons. There are total seven bells are in Tower. The thickness of walls at the base is 2.4 meters. The height of tower from the foundation floor is 58.36 meters and the height from the ground floor is 55.863 meters. There are 297 marble steps in the Pisa tower stories. Tower of Pisa is 183 feet tall. The bottom stories have 15 marble arches. Basilica Tower and Tower of Pisa both are nearby and made up of Marble.Both towers are made up of Marble. Both towers are made up of Marble.

Marble is a metamorphic rock composed by carbonate, calcite and dolomite minerals. The word "marble" derives from the Greek ‘mármaron’ meaning, "crystalline rock" and shining stone. Marble forms by heat and pressure in earth crust. Marble is most popular mineral. Limestone is a sedimentary rock. It consist of Calcite and aragonite, these are form of calcium carbonate. Some limestones also consist by coral or foraminifera. Most limestone is form in shallow, calm, warm marine waters.

Marble is widely used as building material and limestone is also one of the famous construction stone. Marble bricks used inside the tower. Wonderful architecture, building pattern, leaning property, long age make Tower of Pisa one of the world famous wonder.

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