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holiday_kitty About The Stonehenge :

Stonehenge is located in southwest England. Stonehenge is made up of Sarsen Stones which is kind of sandstone having some amount of quartz. Sarsen sandstone is an igneous rock. This is the most popular stone circle in the world. The Stonehenge is consisting of 30 sandstone blocks. Stone is nearly 14 feet height. One of the circles of Stonehenge is made up of Bluestone. This is a famous building stone. The first circle is made up of the very tall sandstone, having bluestones around. It says that worshiped being considered it as worship place. Also says, that stones have been placed by the devil.


Stonehenge was built in three phases :
Period I - (c. 2950-2900 BC) : This phase includes circular bank, timber posts and the ditch.
Period II - (c. 2900-2400 BC) : In this phase the pottery, animal bones, and cremated human remains placed in ditch.
Period III - (c. 2550-1600 BC) : This period include sequence of stones.

This is still a mystery that how enormous stones moved from Ireland. Stonehenge is related to crop circles. It is one of the oldest and famous monuments.
There were two types of stones used in its construction :
The Bluestones : 4 tons in weight and brought from 240 miles away
The Sarsen Stones : This is a type of sandstone. Approximately 18 feet in height and 25 tons weighted.

Sandstone : Sandstone is a sedimentary rock. It is formed by compaction and consolidation of sand, which is together by a natural cementing material, such as silica. Sandstone is made of sand cemented by silica, iron, lime etc. It is quartz based stone. It is one of the hardest and toughest materials. Commonly sandstone is composed of quartz and feldspar. It is widely used for Stonecraft. Sandstone has great features of High mechanical strength, Resistant to acids and alkalis, Resistant to air and Saline water, Low water absorption ability, Resistant to Corrosion and weathering, Excellent binding with cement, Load bearing and Resistance with heat. Due to these features sandstone used in Stonehenge as a building material.


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