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holiday_kitty About The Petra:

Petra name is derived from a Greek word which means ‘Rock’. Petra is famous sandstone rock-cut architecture site. Petra located in southern Jordan. Petra is Jordan located about 262 km south of Amman. Petra is one of the most abundance and beauteous place of ancient world. Impermeable place of rugged mountains, attractive and beyond compare views. It is one of the impressive ancient sites that still very famous. It consider as ‘rose-red color stone carved city’ because of the rich red sandstone impact. This is one of ancient time sites and 7 wonders. Petra attracts visitors from across the world. Petra is famous owing to its stone cut architecture. This is one of the oldest, attractive and sophisticated sites. It is perfect example of archaeology.


Combination of archaeology and sophisticated look makes Petra worldwide famous. Petra was situated in a valley surrounded by Sandstone Mountains so that it chosen as the capital of the Nabataea owes thermal protection quality, Mostly Red and yellow color varieties used in Petra. This is great sample of Stonecraft and carving too. Sandstone is light-weight and resistant to weather effects hence it has been used for Petra. The Petra composed of nearly 800 individual monuments which include temples, buildings, funerary halls, corridors, temples, arched gateways tombs, street and baths. The Petra is made up of kaleidoscopic sandstone. Petra looks great in sunrise and sunset light, which create incomparable view of multicolored stone. Range of sandstone in Petra is from rich reds to the darker brown and somewhere from pale yellow or white.

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock. It forms by compaction and consolidation of sand, which is together by a natural cementing material, such as silica. Sandstone is made of sand cemented by silica, iron, lime etc. It is quartz based stone. Sandstone is mined by quarrying. Commonly sandstone is composed of quartz and feldspar. This is virtually maintenance free stone. Sandstone is fire-resistant stone.
Sandstone is high mechanical strength, resistant to acids and alkalis, resistant to air and saline water, resistant to corrosion and weathering, excellent binding with cement, Load bearing and resistance to heat hence it has been used for Petra.


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