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Description : A vase is an open decorative container used for holding flowers. These are generally made up of brass, iron, ceramic, glass etc. Its shapes may vary from square, circular, oval and rectangular. The base of vase is heavy so as to provide support to flower base with long neck. These are available in variety of shapes, size, design and styles.
Vases are best option to decorate corner’s and make room or place more beautiful. It is suitable for both external and interior decoration.
Handicraft vases, planters and pots made by natural stone are perfect for extra ordinary decoration. With vast colors and designs pots of marble, sandstone, granite and limestone are extremely correct choice for decoration.
Vases made from Indian craftsmen are worldwide famous for its high demand for design and detailed work. It shows the traditional Indian motifs as well as modern design.
Meticulously carved vase is immense popular worldwide and are in high demand in global market.
These can be used as memorable gift for near once.

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