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Description : Utensil is a tool, used in kitchen for cooking or baking. These are hand held tools. To enhance the beauty of kitchen and to put a great look through beautiful natural stone to kitchen utensils are the best things.   
Glass, bowls, Wine glass, cattle, mortal pestle, mugs are available with great beauty of natural stone.
Utensils are hand finish material, can enhance the beauty of kitchen and food table. Typically utensils can also used for religious purposes and medical purpose.
Marble, granite utensils are valued from ancient time for its unique combination of beauty and strength. Marble Cheese Board, Marble Cake Stand, Marble Candle Holder, Marble Footed Bowl, Marble Round Coaster, Marble Round Curved Platter.
These utensils made with feature to keep food fresh, porous surface, easy to clean and maintain, long lasting, heat resistance, acid resistance, keeps food fresh, chip-resistance, hefty base, durable make it very popular for use. Some common utensils are Marble, granite tray, holder, glasses, and jar.

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