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Tomb Craft

Tomb Craft
Description : Tomb derive from Greek word “Tumbos” mean a house, chamber or vault for the dead people. It is generally an enclosed structure of varying shape and size which represent one particular community and religion. These are generally located in some religious building or on some private land.
Tomb craft is stone based burial chamber. Egypt pyramid is greatest example of tomb craft. Tomb craft is popular with natural Granite, marble, sandstone. With fine polish and thickness this is good for tomb craft.
International style, material, finishing on surface, color are main points of tomb craft. Upright, heart style, book style, tree style, rectangle shape, with angel statue, with flower carving design are coming now the days.
These can be in any shape, size, style, color. Materials which are generally used include limestone, marble, wood,  Sandstone etc.
Example: Tomb build by Shah Jehan which was made by marble with precious stone like coral, jade, agate were shaped and are set in marble etc.

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