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Table Tops

Table Tops
Description : A countertop is plane top level surface in a kitchen, bathroom, dinning or counter place. Granite countertop is best; even it’s better than Marble. Marble countertop needs more maintenance, can take stretches, cracks and stains It must be resistance with gems. Countertop must be non-porous.
Stone Coffee Tables, Stone Cocktail Tables, Stone Bistro Tables, Small Kitchen Tables, Stone Kitchen Tables, Stone Table Bases, Custom Stone Tables are popular usage of countertops. Granite, marble, limestone countertops are very famous for great look and perfectness. Countertops also come with multi stone type designing and color.
It is also available with fine outline border and many shapes such as oval, circle, square and round as per requirement.
It must have features like UV resistance, easy to use, chemical resistance, none dusting, non-flammable, easy to clean, finely textured. Countertops are must be apply in dark color stone. 
Very important feature of countertops is, it must be long lasting.
Countertop must be made of very hard stone such as granite. It must be Resistance against moisture, water and mildew.

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