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Stone Fireplace

Stone Fireplace
Description :  Fireplaces are famous for great comfortable fireplace in winter and for stylist place and focus purpose in summer. Creative, beautiful fireplace are one of the important part of craft.
Fireplaces of marble, granite, limestone and sandstone are very popular for comfort and royal look. It is an architectural structure made up of granite, marble, sandstone.
It creates as per according to set fire for heating also it can designed  as well as for cooking. Fireplaces are also use for make comfortable environment. Fireplace must be heat resistance, moisture resistance and made up of very hard stone variety. Commonly it is divided in to two parts: surround and the insert. Surround part is made up of natural stone. 
Fireplaces are also used for the relaxing ambiance they create. A fire is contained in a firebox or firepit; a chimney or other flue allows exhaust to escape. A fireplace consist of many parts such as a foundation, , a throat, a flue, a chimney chase, a crown, a cap, a shroud, or a spark arrestor, a hearth, a firebox, a mantel, an ashdump door, a chimney crane, a cleanout door, a grate, a lintel, a lintel bar, over mantel, a chimney breast, a damper, a smoke chamber. But outer body of fireplace made up of marble, limestone granite or sandstone.

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