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Description : Marble, Granite, Sandstone and Limestone statues are worldwide famous art instants. Sandstone is soft stone. Hence it is easy to carve .Superb range of statue with royal look available of sandstone.Designer stone statues, bird statue, animal statue, region statue, modern statues; western designs of statue are example of sandstone statue. Exclusive ranges of statues are available.Marble is Available in vast variety and colors.It is resistance to water and weather, Resistance to alkyl and acids, Easy to cut, Easy to carve and excellent building material. Hence marble is also best suitable stone for statue craft.
Granite, marble, limestone statues are worldwide famous stonecarft art. 
Regional statue: Christ the Redeeme is great sample of Regional statue. Christ the Redeemer made out of Soapstone with reinforced concrete
Statue is most valued Art example of creativity. Beautiful art with great creativity statues are available in wide variety. Religious statues for all the religions are available. We provide statues of various Gods’ statues like Lord Ganesha Statue, Holy Christ Statue, Laughing Buddha Statue, Lord Shiva Statue, etc. Person statues: Persons staues are also can be made by marble and granite on order. these staues only made on demand.
Animal Statue: Animal statues are valued for garden place and indoor decoration. mainly stone bird, stone elephant, stone lion, stone tiger, stone deer,  stone horse, stone dragon and stone tortoise statues are available.

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