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Description : Sculpture is one of the older and widely uses craft; it’s a wonderful example of stone craft. By carving, sculpture art processed. Sculptures of marble, granite are world famous art. Sculpture also made of soapstone, limestone, kotastone, feldspar and quartz are also valuable in world of art.
Sculpture is an awesome example of visual art and stone craft. It is a branch of stone carving art.
This can be place in gardens, entrance of home, lawn place, and living area to enhance the beauty of place.   
Chisels, moulding leth, drill bits, diamond burs, straight edges, diamond core drills carbide graver, are some main tools used in this art. It needs experience and creativity.
Most famous sculpture is of China - Lord Buddha sculpture, Japan – priest Ganjin, India – khajuraho, Burma and Egypt.
Sculpture can be of cultural, abstract and animals etc.
Sandstone, soapstone, marble, granite sculptures are most demanded.

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