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Art Work

Art Work
Description : This is the art of creating rock into utility, unique and decorative items. Art craft work of marble, gemstone, granite and soapstone worldwide famous for artistic look. Stone craft art demands Craftsmen’s who having creativity Skills, experience, dexterity and deep knowledge of concern work. Classy finishing with royal look paintings is worldwide famous Stonecraft.
Marble based Gemstones paintings are great sample of stone art. Marble inlay work can also have gold polish for royal look. Indian stone craft is famous for Artistic meenakari work on the surface of marble and other stones.
Gemstone art work can be also done on glass in this crushed precious and semi-precious stones place on glass surface. Colored latticed inlay work is also famous for its elegant work. Price of Stonecraft items depends on type of the stone and size of particular. Stone art items are available in glossy shades perfect for decoration. Stone art exhibits the richness of creativity on stone.
The major art work included Prince and princess painting, Scriptures, Art, box with marble paintings, marble designer plate with gold work, old views paintings, lord’s painting, Indian Tradissional paintings, flowers and scenery paintings and other art objects.

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