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 Limestone Quarry

Limestone Quarry


Limestone is sedimentary rock. It consists with high amount of calcite. With the combination of calcium oxide, silica, alumina it used for manufacturing Portland cement. Raw of limestone consists of calcium oxide and carbon dioxide.

Mining Process:

Rock hand drill machine and rock LT4 drill machine is used for Limestone Mining. Hand drill used is for making hole in stone quarry for quarry processing.  It consists of Hydraulic system with strong power. In this process, fix the machine where hole to be done. Fix the position of hole drilling. (Width of hole) 101mm to above 254mm are available bits as per hole requirement. (length of hole) insert the rode according to hole size, Such as if requirement is to 15feet, we must fix the machine at the position of drill, and then we need to inset the rod of size 5 feet. We need to use 3 rods of 5 feet to drill 15feet hole.  

Explosive materials are used for blasting in quarry. Blasting process needs for easy mining and block leave the floor. After blasting and drilling, Limestone material needs to load or unload through earth moving machine.
 After blasting process, Limestone raw needs go through a selection process. In selection process different varieties of Limestone obtains according to chemical properties.

Crushing Process:

Limestone mining crusher equipments: mobile crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher are used for crushing. Raw of limestone crushed by drilling and blast with help of some equipments. Raw material sent for regular conveyed into the elementary crushing machine equipment by the vibrator. Crushed limestone sent to vibration screen for final procedure. Then the belt convertor transfers elements to jaw crusher /cone crusher/ impact crusher. These are equipments used for crushing.  

Grinding Process:

Crush material sent to grind properly in grinding mill. Raymond and ball mill is widely used for grinding. High pressure mill/ trapezium mill/ultrafine mill can also used in the feldspar grinding plant. As per requirement limestone can grind in any size, either powder or solid.