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 Kotastone Quarry

Kotastone Quarry


Kotastone founds in layer form. Kotastone quarry is like queue of slides, it has several gaps between the two slides.  Kotastone composes of fine-grained limestone. It is one of the soft stones and non porous stone.  Most probably mining of Kotastone is processed in unsplittable layered form. It takes out from the quarry such as the overlay slices from the mining. Mainly drill machine is used in mining. Kotastone deposits in wide spread area.
Rarely wire saw is used for Kotastone mining. Rarely Kotastone quarries by wire saw when founds in blocks form.

Blocks quarrying process:

Kotastone quarrying is process of getting blocks and rough material from the quarry. Hand drill machine is used for making hole in stone quarry for quarry processing. There are two several size rods used in drilling machine. First one bit is used in drill machine, Bit Size: 20mm width and 2.5 feet to above 32 feet in length. Rock drill machine is also used for quarrying. There is no need to use wire saw because Kotastone forms in layer coating form. 
After quarrying rock, it has to transport to processing unit. Excavator, Backhoe loader, small crane is used for loading, unloading, lifting, carrying Kotastone rock.