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 Kotastone Cutting

Kotastone Cutting


Kotastone is composed of limestone (A form of calcite), so easily breakable. Only disk cutter or wheel cutter used for Kotastone block cutting. Kotastone is available in natural shades and can take customized shapes. It can be cut and shaped as per the requirement. Blocks of Kotastone must be cut till at least 18 mm thickness of tiles and slabs. It is easy breakable due to softness.

Cutting Process:

Blocks quarrying process: Kotastone quarrying is process of extracting blocks and rough material from the quarry. This process held through the drill machine. There is no need to use gang saw or wire saw because Kotastone forms in layer coating form.

Dressing: Dressing is essential process before final cutting because Kotastone quarries by drill machine so blocks have no particular shape. In dressing process, blocks are dressed as about to cutting blocks.

Cutting through disk cutter: Kotastone blocks from quarry have no very large size. So disk cutter can be use for cutting. As much thickness of the Kotastone is high, cutting will be best. Kotastone also requires water while cutting. It doesn't need accuracy cutting and even not possible to cut accurate due to disk cutter cutting. Such as if you want 5'' block than it is not possible to get accurate 5"block. It would be something around 6" or 4".

Wheel cutter: Kotastone can also process done through wheel cutter. A grinding wheel is a dispensable wheel used for abrasive and annoying cutting process. Grinding wheel made up of solid steel or aluminum disc which bended to the surface and with solid, fix, cross and circular rounded shaped section are option as per wheel usage.