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 Quartz Raw

Quartz Raw


Quartz is one of the most-abundant mineral in the Earth's continental crust. Quartz raw is made up of a silicon–oxygen tetrahedral. The variety of quartz depends on abundance and widespread distribution of quartz. Quartz raw is an essential constituent of granite.

Quartz raw is a good source of silicon. It has piezoelectric property. Varieties of quartz such as citrine, prasiolite are heat treated.

Quartz Occurrence:

Smoky quartz is silicon dioxide crystal. Uncommonly it's found in volcanic rocks, sedimentary rocks and granitic rock. It is great source of silicon. Milky quartz consists of silicon oxygen tetrahedral. Quartz is an important component of granite and other felsic eruptive rocks. It resists weathering affects, that's why it is great quartz obtained from geodes, granites porphyries and pegmatites. Citrine founds in gravels, alluvial sands. It mainly associated with amethyst.

The quartz raw obtains from the quartz mines. Then it has to be clean and crushed, in which side it's required. It crushed by crusher, grinding by ball mill. Many of machineries and equipments are needed for process the raw.

Quartz composed by Silicon dioxide, Silicon, Oxygen.

Silicon dioxide (SiO2) :100%
Silicon (Si) :46.74 %
Oxygen (O) : 53.26 %