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 Granite Raw

Granite Raw


Granite raw is an unfinished material to manufacture finish granite. Granite raw is form from the slow crystallization of magma below Earth’s surface. Granite raw is composes of very high quantity with silica. Feldspar and quartz are main components of granite raw. Granite also consists of with minor amounts of micas, amphiboles and other minerals.

Granite is a medium to coarse-grained textured stone. This is hardest and dry material. It is an igneous rock, occurs in metamorphic rocks, with high amount of silica. Granite rock is hardest and one of the older and valuable material. It is excellent stone to use as construction material. It is perfect for both commercial and domestic use.

Granite raw processed through mining process. This is very hard stone, so needs to process with diamond blades and saws etc. Granite raw extraction process must be through blasting, crushing, drilling and manually also can be done.

Granite raw is composed of silica, alumina, Potassium oxide, Sodium oxide, Calcium oxide, Iron oxide, Magnesium oxide, Titanium dioxide, Phosphorus pentoxide, Manganese oxide.

SiO2 — 72.04% (silica)
Al2O3 — 14.42% (alumina)
K2O — 4.12%
Na2O — 3.69%
CaO — 1.82%
FeO — 1.68%
Fe2O3 — 1.22%
MgO — 0.71%
TiO2 — 0.30%
P2O5 — 0.12%
MnO — 0.05%
The color variation in granite is result of chemical and mineral composition.