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 Gemstone Raw

Gemstone Raw


Gemstone raw is unfinished material of finished gemstone product. Gemstone finished product manufacture by raw material. There are four types of gemstone raws:
• Sea gemstone such as Coral and Pearl.
• River gemstone such as Diamond and Saphhire.
• Earth crust gemstone such as Emerald and Garnet.
• Mountain gemstone such as Kornerupine and Sodalite .

Gemstone Occurrence:

Gemstone occurs in igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic rocks. Gemstone raw consists of several chemical component such as, Diamond the hardest stone, consists of pure carbon (graphite). This hardness is result of atoms, bounds by very high temperature and pressure. Diamond occurs in igneous rock and alluvial deposits. These rocks composed of very rich amount of iron, magnesium and calcium. Diamond can also occurs in lamproitic rock and iron meteorites.

Gemstone has color variations because of different chemical impurities. Such as emerald have rich green color due to chromium and sometimes vanadium.

Morganite belongs to beryl group. But instead of as all beryl, it is not colorless. It has light pink color due to impurity of magnesium.

Gemstone occurs includes association with some minerals such as Garnet is a calcium-aluminum mineral. Grossular garnet associated with limestones with vesuvianite, diopside, wollastonite and wernerite.