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RTM Green Sukabumi Tile
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Green Sukabumi stone, categorized as Quartzite, is non-foliated metamorphic hard rock which was originally sand stone. It is named Sukabumi Stone because it is originated from Sukabumi area, West Java, Indonesia. The Stone that is also well known as Perde Verde Hijau in the stone market, has a distinct greenish hue, unique, exotic, distinctive, good lighting and green color composition is stronger than the available average sandstones and applicable both for interior and exterior.

Company Basic Information
Year of Establishment : 2013
Business Type : Exporter, Manufacturer
Deals In : Basalt,Limestone,Quartzite,Sand Stone,Slate
About Us
Barosma Stone is a manufacturer and exporter of Indonesian Natural Stone products based in Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia. Our main product is Green Sukabumi, Palimo, Andesit, Lava and other Indonesia natural stones.
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Company Name  :   CV Brosma Mitra Niaga
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Contact Person  :   Mr. Idris Ependi  
Address  :   Sukaumi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia 
mobile  :   +62-81287801011
telephone  :   +62-266-6254134
Fax  :   +62-266-6254133
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