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Green Sukabumi Stone is one of the internationally famous natural exotic stone. This Green Stone is a type of hard quartz while the name is derived from the stone quarry in the area of Sukabumi, West Java.Green Sukabumi Stone is widely used for fences, walls, housefloors, swimming pools, fish ponds ornamental ponds, bathrooms, pillars, gardens, etc. The green color of this stone is properly used on the outside of the house because it looks natural. But it could also quickly blend with your garden and get up to give a fresh impression to the residents of the house. Suitable for craving a house building with the concept of green environment.

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Year of Establishment : 1998
Business Type : Manufacturer
Deals In : Basalt,Limestone,Quartzite,Sand Stone,Slate,Flagstone,Slate,Building Stones
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CV ARULJAYASTONE was founded in 1998 formerly named ARUL JAYA only with the purpose of domestic selling business. The owner is H Arul Saefurrohman who is considerably one of the main stone businessmen in West Java, Indonesia. Under his management, for more than 10 years the company had supplied hundreds of houses, companies, factories and other construction sites in Indonesia archipelago. With all good movements and hard works, and when the time of regeneration, ARUL JAYA has been handled by his son, H. Omang Saefurrohman who has been trained and educated well on the field. Omang has brought this company to get better in management and production. And in 2012, he even declares a new name of the company to be CV ARULJAYA STONE in purpose of global selling in international business, introducing local products to the world. And the result has so far encountered him with many important clients and customers throughout the world
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Contact Person  :   Mr. Sony Sandjaya  
Address  :   Cirebon, Jawa Barat, Indonesia 
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