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Newstar White Sparkle Quartz S
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white sparkle quartz stone countertop 1. first grade quality 2. strong package 3. lots of colors 4. various size, thick

Company Basic Information
Year of Establishment : 2002
Business Type : Exporter
Deals In : Quartzite,Gemstone,Calcite
About Us
Newstar stone is a specialized in natural stone series, we offer counter-tops, granite, marble, travertine, tile, ,onyx and much more from residential applications like kitchens, vanities and other household projects to custom and commercial solutions. we pride ourselves in every project using the finest materials and a paramount attention to detail.if any need ,pls feel free to cal us 0086-595-22198926
Contact Address
Company Name  :   Newstar
Name : 
Email-Id : 
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Contact Person  :   Ms. Hana Hang
Address  :   Quanzhou, Fujian Sheng, China 
mobile  :   +86-059522280428
Url  :
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Newstar quartz stone

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