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Astrology Property
Planet : Sun
Birthmonth : December
Birthdate : 1, 10, 28
Day : Sunday
Element : Fire

Zircon has great power of Protection, faith, beauty, love, honor, peace, healing..  It improves concentration power. Best suit for technical and science field. 
It says it improves wisdom, popularity, wealth and brings prosperity.   Zircon is grounding stone. It can attract love, bring success in business. It provides prosperity, money and wisdom to owner.

Zircon promotes beauty. It can be helpful in good thoughts, purity of mind and soul.

Zircon can protects against disorders of liver, injuries, gall bladder cold and other inflectional problems. It also has superb healing power with calm effect, less stress, mentally healing.

 BirthDate6, 15, 24
 BirthDate5, 14, 23
Yellow Zircon