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Astrology Property
Planet : Sun
Birthmonth : July
Birthdate : 1,10,28
Day : Sunday
Chakra : Manipura
Element : Fire

Ruby brings Good fortune, brilliance, optimism, success, power to achieve the goal, authority and administration power.Ruby promotes courage, vitality, trueness and will-power, self confidence, discipline and will power.It has good power of leading, relationship and courage.Ruby represents sun, symbol of leader. Good for rulers, administers, teachers, professionals, team leaders, politians.

Ruby helps to prevent of Heart, eye, head, cardiac, blood pressure relative disease. It improves love, confidence, humbleness, goodwill, stamina, decision making strength, memory, courage and stamina. Ruby rules over bone system, heart eyes, and ears. It must be worn in the ring finger. Ruby must be wear after consulting specialist. If it wearing to wrong person, it can cause imbalance in mantel and heart, psycho way.

 BirthDate5, 14, 23
 BirthDate4, 13, 31
Green Sapphire
 BirthDate3, 12, 30