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Astrology Property
Planet : Mars
Birthmonth : October
Birthdate : 9, 18, 27
Day : Tuesday
Chakra : 7th, Muladhara
Element : Earth

Coral gemstone is useful for enhancing self-confidence, administrative capability. It has great magical and medical power.
Coral Absorbs negative energy, increase love, Friendship, Community, business, Creativity .Coral brings Passion, Wisdom, wealth, Optimism, Enthusiasm and safety.
Coral replace negative energy into positive impact. It is very good stone to enhance Friendship and love in society. It brings wisdom with protection. Owner of wearing feels secure and relax.

Coral also great healing power. Help in mediation of spinal canal, the alimentary canal and  the nervous system. It rules over the blood circulation system, bones, kidney, spinal cannel, nervous system, gall bladder, heart, muscular system. It removes tension, mentally stress.

Red Coral
 BirthDate9, 18, 27
 BirthDate6, 15, 24
Green Sapphire
 BirthDate3, 12, 30
Red Coral