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Astrology Property
Planet : Moon
Birthmonth : June
Birthdate : 2, 11, 20
Day : Monday
Chakra : 10th, Svadtistana
Element : Water

Pearl belongs to moon, symbol of calmness. Pearl is very affective for spiritual and healing power. The people who feel themselves always in Tempest, pearl are best for them. It helps to improve passions and mental consistency, strengthens, blessings and imagination power. Pearl improves humbleness, kindness, love, attachment and good luck. The metal with which it associates is silver.

Pearl is Symbol of Purity, Honesty, Innocence, Integrity, Concentration, Focus, Meditation, Tranquility and Wisdom.

Moon and pearl aids in blood, nerves, lungs, heart, depression and stomach disease. It calms and influences the mind of owner. It rules over the sensitivity of a human. It must be worn in ring finger. Moon is symbol of calmness, peace and humbleness. It can promote feeling of love and humbleness.

Care must be taken while purchasing and wearing.

 BirthDate6, 15, 24
 BirthDate5, 14, 23