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Astrology Property
Planet : Jupiter
Birthmonth : September
Birthdate : 3, 12, 30
Day : Thursday
Chakra : 2nd, Ajna
Element : Ether

Yellow sapphire is one of the most powerful stone. It must be wear in yellow gold or pure silver in ring finger or next to thumb finger. It rules over respiratory system, blood circulation and immunity system. It prevent from Liver complaints, dyspepsia, jaundice, tumors, cancer and fat dropsy, flatulence, dyspepsia, abscess, disorders of pancreas, and skin troubles.

It promotes Wisdom, liberty, compassion, power of giving, dedication and humbleness. It brings peace, prosperity, fortune, devotion, justice, truth and charity. It improves decision making power and balance inner and outer power. Yellow sapphire brings very fast financial power. It is beneficial for home owner and also beneficial for boy/girl timely marriage. It is also very beneficial to the authors, public speakers, writers, barristers, administers, traders and businessmen. Jupiter represents owner power and religion in human life. It is largest planet in the solar system. By wearing this owner gets respects everywhere. Yellow sapphire increases good luck power. It lifts off the danger of accidental death.

 BirthDate5, 14, 23
 BirthDate4, 13, 31
Green Sapphire
 BirthDate3, 12, 30
Green Sapphire