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Astrology Property
Planet : Rahu
Birthmonth : January
Birthdate : 4, 13, 31
Day : Saturday
Chakra : 2nd Ajnaand 3rd  Vishuddhi
Element : Ether

Hessonite must be worn with gold or silver.It improves creativity, imagination, self confidence. It promotes love, truth, faith, ambitious, peace and well health. It provides courage, confidence and positive impact around.

Nervous system and cancer. It increases immune functions. Hessonites protects from evil eyes. Hessonite is helpful to fulfill imaginations and dreams.

Hessonite is one of the most powerful stone. It brings happiness and sweetness in relations. It brings success in carrier. It is very good stone for great professional and personal life.Care must be taken before wearing hessonite.

It belongs to Garnet group. It considers as a passion stone. It provide balance between spiritual, physical, wisdom and mentally power. It is very helpful in mediation. It protects from bad dreams and negativisms.

 BirthDate2, 11, 20
Green Sapphire
 BirthDate3, 12, 30