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Astrology Property
Planet : Mercury
Birthmonth : May
Birthdate : 5, 14, 23
Day : Wednesday
Chakra : 1st, Sahasrana
Element : Earth

Mercury represents power of sprit, youth, wisdom and neutral. It is famous for communication power.

Emerald improves wise, skills power to owner. It’s Symbol of Wisdom and power. Emerald is very powerful in teaching, learning, education, commercial, technical skills, art, creativity, confidence, communication, speech, and intelligence.

Emerald is best for Commerce, Engineering, Scientific, and Public speakers medical professionals.It says to bring Healthy mind and happy mind. It is to be worn in little finger.

Emerald improves self confidence, power to think in good way. Increase good will, memory, communication skills.

Emerald is powerful in mediation too in epilepsy, nervous system, lungs, skin diseases, heart and immune system.It associated with gold. Emerald is significance the power of Mercury. It increases reasoning power, presence of mind and spiritual power. Wearing Emerald is beneficial for relationship, Public relations etc. In human body Mercury is strength the influence of wisdom and voice.

 BirthDate5, 14, 23
 BirthDate4, 13, 31