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Astrology Property
Planet : Venus
Birthmonth : April
Birthdate : 6, 15, 24
Day : Friday
Chakra : 3rd, Vishuddhi
Element : Fire

Diamond is one of the most powerful stones Diamonds must weigh at least 1 carat, but 1.5 to 2 is better. Diamond shows very affect of fame, happiness, prosperity and wisdom.
Diamond is powerful stone to increase Purity, truth, devotion in love and wealth.
It promotes health, prosperity. It protects from disease, bad evils. Keep healthy. Helps to keep away from bad dreams to owner, bring good luck..

Diamond also Improves considerate and self confidence.Platinum/silver is associated material.
Venus is miserly, self-indulgent, beautiful and attractive. It commands over the sensitive point of person. Venus represents the desires. 
It is helpful in throat, eyes, respiration system, kidney and reproductive system. It must be worn in middle finger.

Red Coral
 BirthDate9, 18, 27
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 BirthDate3, 12, 30
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 BirthDate8, 17, 26