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Astrology Property
Planet : Saturn
Birthmonth : June
Birthdate : 7, 16, 25
Day : Thursday
Chakra : 2nd, Ajna
Element : Water

Chrysoberyl is also known as Cat's eye.

Chrysoberyl is great stone to bring positive impact in life. It helps in taking decision according to situation. Increase self confidence. It promotes the free thoughts and shows the clear path of designation.

Increase creativity and wisdom. Bring the quality of confidence, learning power. It is very powerful to Protects from evil eyes.

Chrysoberylis associated with silver. It rules over teeth, feet, bones, knees, nerves and nails. Chrysoberyl is said to increase powers of desire, ambitious, perception and insight. It has power to protect from evil eyes, bad powers and bad impacts.

 BirthDate6, 15, 24
 BirthDate4, 13, 31