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Blue Diamond

Description : Diamond is the hardest natural stone and most valuable gemstone. Diamonds have a perfect crystal form. Diamonds are the primary gem measured in carats. Diamond has remarkable optical characteristics. Because of its extremely rigid lattice, it can be contaminated by very few types of impurities, such as boron and nitrogen. Diamond is widely popular for all types of jewellery.


  •  Angola
  •  Australia
  •  Borneo
  •  Botswana
  •  Brazil
  •  Canada
  •  China
  •  DR Congo
  •  Ghana
  •  Guinea
  •  Guyana
  •  India
  •  Namibia
  •  Russia
  •  Sierra Leone
  •  South Africa
  •  Tanzania
  •  United States
  •  Venezuela
  •  Zimbabwe
Blue Diamond
Raw > Diamond consists of pure carbon, such as graphite. Diamond is hardest gemstone. This hardness is result of atoms, bounds by very high temperature and pressure. Diamond stone occurs in igneous rock and alluvial deposits. These rocks compose of very rich amount of iron, magnesium and calcium. Diamond can also occur in lamproitic rock and iron meteorites.

Zodiac : Aries, Taurus, Leo
Bithstone : April
Diamond is powerful stone to increase Purity, truth, love and wealth.
It promotes health, prosperity. protects from disease, bad evils.Keep healthy. helps to keep away from bad dreams to owner, bring good luck.
Diamond also Improves considerate and self confidence.

Type Poor Average Good Excellent Ranking
Life Time
Chemical Composition  :  C
Density  :  3.5
Hardness  :  10
Transparency  :  Transparent to translucent
Pleochroism  :  None

How it Looks :

Diamonds has brilliant cut, perfect crystal form with greasy look and high conformity.

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